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Why choose Appiy?

Appiy is a mobile app technology company – we have been building apps for all types of businesses such as hairdressers, tanning shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants, car garages, accountants, utility companies, printers etc etc

So we have a wealth of experience to share with you and your business.



Why do I need a mobile app for my business?

the majority of people are now accessing the internet via their smartphone or tablet device. Mobile apps are the new and perfect way for your customers to access your business details as well as being able to offer loyalty cards, coupons, special offers, products, services all at the touch of an application button. 

A mobile app increases loyalty for your customers and allows you to build a relationship with your customers that is not possible with a website, Facebook or Twitter. An app will grow your business, cut your costs and make you and your business look great



I still don't really get it?!

You don’t have to! Your clients will love your mobile app – we do everything for you, you can sit back and reap the rewards.



Who can benefit from an Appiy app?

Any type of business can benefit from a mobile app – Whether you're a salon, restaurant, gym, spa, golf club, bar, optician, hotel, driving instructor, personal trainer, dentist, doctors, estate agents etc etc. the list is endless!



What is an app?

An app is a software program that runs on an Apple iphone or ipad, Android smartphone or tablet (Samsung Galaxy, HTC etc) and also a Windows smartphone or tablet. An app can be a powerful marketing tool and also help deliver high levels of client care.



What can I have in my app?

Our apps have a ton of features, push messaging, appointment request,GPS navigation, click to call, loyalty cards, offers, fan wall, product lists, shopping carts, photo albums and a lot more.



I have been told that I have to pay approx £150 a year to register with Apple and Google is that true?

No. Leave everything to us. We will build, host, maintain and take care of all the little details for you.



How do I  get started?

When you join Appiy,  we will collect all the relevent details for your app, such as info, contact details, products, services, offers etc etc. Once we have built your app then we will send you a working demo. If you don’t love it, we re-design it until you do. 



This all sounds very good! Is it expensive?

Definitely Not! Like when websites were first available they also come at a very high cost. Same with mobile apps, however, mobile apps are over 7yrs old and technology has moved on massively over the years.

We have the latest app building technology that allows us to build your app at a fraction of what they cost originally.



What are your contract lengths?

At Appiy, we feel strongly that our customers will be 100% happy with our product, so all we ask is that you give your business and your customers 12mths to help grow your usage and downloads then after your initial 12mths, we simply ask for 30 days cancellation notice 



A friend of a friend makes apps - why would I not use them?

Appiy has a 99.9% up-time guarantee as well as an extensive infrastructure with the latest technology spanning 100′s of Microsoft servers. An app is the face of your business to thousands of your existing and potential customers. Don’t make the mistake of having anything else than a professionally built mobile app.



I can barely send an email!

We offer full support via telephone (we also provide support via e-mail or online chat for you clever ones)



What hidden costs are there?

None, the price you pay each month included everything. Design, support, hosting, unlimited  push messages.





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